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Who can participate in our promotion?

All authorized buyers who are members of the Lichi Members Club and who have made any purchase from March 1 to March 17. Each purchase participates in the draw.

Participation in the club is free and guarantees a bonus of 2% even for the first purchase.

The easiest way to join our club now is to download the Lichi app and register. (Enter our name in App Store or Google Play).

If you have a Lichi card, then you are already a member of our club. By downloading the application, you will be able to follow the growth of your status, as well as receive timely information about promotions.

If you purchase online, you are also in the club, and of course participate in the competition.

If you purchase in stores, and you still do not have an application, fill out a short questionnaire at the checkout, download the application at home and enter the same data. A day later, your previous purchase will appear in your account, and you will receive a bonus for it.

Why is participation in the club mandatory?

We need your data to enter into the table of the competition - last name, first name (publicly available), telephone and e-mail (publicly unavailable - but for us to be able to contact you). Collecting this data in the 21st century on paper is quite archaic. We really have a lot of shops and buyers. With the help of our system, we will track every purchase and eliminate the possibility of missing out on anything important.

This spring we will hold an unprecedented lottery! This has never happened before. And since we have been holding contests for more than 5 years, be sure that everything will be fair!

We want to give you unforgettable emotions very much. March 8, the spring, a journey or a complete renewal of your wardrobe. What could be better?

A lot of prizes! See for yourself!

From March 1 to March 17, all buyers get a chance to:

1. Travel to Europe! We chose the city of Munich in Germany, as we adore it and want you to see it. *
2. 3 certificates of $ 250 for a full spring wardrobe renewal!
3. 5 certificates of $ 80 for buying a new dress! No, we do not limit, you can choose whatever you like.
4. 10 women will receive a 30% discount on the new collection.
* - If for some reason you cannot travel, we offer an alternative - we will give you $ 1 400. on shopping in Lichi. Yes, this is such a huge box of new clothes. Lots of great clothes to choose from.

This is the best suchlike lottery indeed.

After all, you already make purchases in Lichi quite often, why not use this chance?

How do we choose the winner?

All authorized buyers who agree to participate in the promotion will be listed in the lottery.
The list of participants will be publicly available on March 19, which means that you yourself will be able to find your number in it by name and last name, and at the time of the draw you will wait for the long-awaited numbers on the screen!
The winner will be determined by an independent random number generator.
The draw will be held live on the evening of March 20 with the live audience. We will immediately call the main winner and congratulate them!
Based on our surveys, we found that you really appreciate travel. Someone has already visited many countries, and someone else did not go anywhere at all.
In any case, a trip to a new country will benefit any of us! After all, these are new emotions, impressions, a real restart. Travels heal the soul and charge us with energy. You will never return to the same, something inside is sure to change.
We have chosen the direction of Munich, as we work in Germany, and we know that this city is one of the most beautiful, majestic, and in general must be seen by any traveler. This is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, and of course in Germany.
Beautiful historical buildings, famous Bavarian cuisine and of course the coolest photos for Instagram are all waiting for you!
* If for any reason you cannot travel, we offer an alternative - we will give you $ 1 400 for shopping in Lichi.
We will give 3 certificates of $ 250 for a full spring wardrobe renewal!
For this amount you can really create a unique wardrobe in Lichi. For example, a coat + dress + pants + blouse + skirt + shoes and stylish accessories in large packages.
3 women will be in the seventh heaven on March 20 already!
We will give 5 certificates of $ 80 for buying a new dress! No, we do not limit, you can choose whatever you like.
It is very important to us that you can choose your own prize. After all, each has their own taste, as well as a special wardrobe, which might well be beautifully complemented. Choose please, we do appreciate your choices.
A trip to Munich includes a flight for one person in both directions in comfortable conditions.
You will need to apply for a visa yourself, because to obtain it you need to pay a personal visit to a consulate / visa centre and to submit there your confidential information.
We expect that our winners will be located in Russia, Kazakhstan, European countries and the CIS. If you are in a remote region (for example, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, etc., then we will discuss the conditions of the trip with you individually).
10 women will receive a 30% discount on everything and even on the new collection. Is this not a miracle? At the very beginning of the season, when the discounts are still quite far away.
A trip to Munich includes accommodation in one of the hotels of the international chain Accor. Since the travel dates and personal details of the winner are still unknown, the reservation will be made at the time of settling all questions.
Surely enough, you will like it, and you will remember this trip for a long time! For our part we will make every effort to ensure it. If you allow, we will share photos from your trip with our followers in the future.

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