When placing an order on the site, payment is made through the payment gateway of Sberbank of Russia in a secure mode using the SSL encryption protocol.

The online store does not receive or save your card details. Bank card payments are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.

How to pay for the order?

1. After pressing the "Continue" button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway of Sberbank of Russia, where you can specify the details of your bank card. If the Bank-Issuer of your plastic card supports the technology of secure online payments Verified By VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, be prepared to provide a special password required for a successful payment. Information regarding the methods and the ability to obtain a password for making an online payment, you can check with the bank that issued your card.


2. On the Sberbank server page you will be prompted to authorize a bank card and enter the following data:

· cardholder

· card number

· card expiration date

· CVV2 or CVC2 card code (indicated on the back of the credit card)

Then you can return to our online store by clicking the button "Return to the store."


3. After returning to our store, the system will notify you of the results of authorization. Prior to receiving a successful payment confirmation, your order will be in standby mode, and upon payment, it will be transferred to the delivery mode for the specified address.

!!! If there is no confirmation of payment within five days, the order will be automatically canceled.

Please note: Sberbank gives 20 minutes to make a payment, so please prepare your bank card in advance.

Placement of an order by installments with the “Buy” program from Sberbank

You can take advantage of our loan offer and pay for purchases in installments of 6-9-12 months without interest and the first payment. The minimum purchase amount for an installment plan is 5,000 rubles, the maximum is 300,000 rubles. Opting for payment by installments limits the usage of promo-codes and coupons.


Requirements for payment by installments:

· you must be between 21 and 70 years of age at the time of loan repayment

· you must hold citizenship of the Russian Federation

· you must have permanent/temporary registration at the place of residence/stay within the Russian Federation


In order to place an order by installments, it is necessary to select “by installments without overpayment (Sberbank)” in the “payment method” column, after clicking the “Continue” button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway of Sberbank of Russia PJSC, where, after the authorization and selection of an installment plan you can apply through Sberbank Online or through its mobile application.

An installment plan is provided at one time by bank transfer by crediting the loan amount on the day the loan agreement is entered into the debit bank card account (excluding the virtual bank * card account) of the borrower. Refunds are paid annually by annuity payments.


Detailed information on the “Buy” program from Sberbank can be found on the website.


* A bank card that is not physically issued by a credit card provider.

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