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Lichi is the most fashionable brand encompassing a whole team of professionals and a huge community of women and girls who are in love with fashion.
Lichi design Studio is located in the heart of Europe - Germany. The main idea of the brand is to offer dozens of new designs of clothing and accessories each week.
The Lichi girl adores high fashion! She appreciates how we transform trends and create clothes that can be worn on a daily basis.
We are followed in social networks to better grasp the latest fashion industry items and what to wear them with, because we always come up with quite a few great combinations.
We are trying to simplify the technological cycle of making clothes so that the time from creating a design to putting it on sale takes no more than a couple of weeks. Images of Lichi are always fresh and awesome.
Our company does not use the work of minors and places orders only in large professional factories with the best working conditions.
Every day, thousands of girls receives packages of Lichi novelties and become happier, because it's just obvious that a new dress can change and make your day, and with it your whole life, too!
We are a true fan of fashion. We change and grow every day.
Follow us and you'll see a lot of interesting and rewarding things indeed!
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