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Our brand has already gained popularity among residents of Kazakhstan, Russia and in the whole world. Lichi pages in social networks total over a million subscribers, advertising photos are gaining several thousand likes, and videos have tens of thousands of views.

Every day we deliver hundreds of orders by mail to the cities in which we are not represented, and the opening of stores is already expected in most cities.
For more than 5 years, our team has developed an ideal business model. And now, in turn, we are ready to share the experience, reveal secrets and teach important values and things. All processes are automated, simple and clear, and nothing prevents us from opening a new turnkey store in a short time.

Also, if you are a fashion-blogger, photographer, celebrity, or if you have interesting ideas, we are always ready for collaboration - your suggestions might well be by all means worth implementing.

If you want to start cooperation with Lichi just write to us please.
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