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Lichi is continuously growing and gaining popularity worldwide. With over a million followers on social media and each photo getting several thousand likes, we know there’s always lots of room to grow and improve and we are showing no sign of slowing down. As several new Lichi products appear every week and hundreds of orders are delivered each day, we are making our customers happy while helping them solve the age-old “nothing to wear” dilemma. We take high fashion to real life making stylish womenswear not only aspirational but accessible as well.

We are always on the lookout for photographers, fashion-bloggers and influencers interested in a collaboration with Lichi. We are eager to work with celebrity muses and influencers who support us in driving our brand and help to create awareness while acting as our ambassadors. We provide an opportunity for you to join a community of the most creative, inspiring and dedicated talents in the industry. Interested in helping us shape the future of fashion? Become part of our team – we’d love to hear your ideas! Send us a message, and

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